Beach Club Swim Team

Swim Team Meet Schedule – 2021

Monday, July 12 – Host Wentworth

Tuesday, July 20 @ Vesper

Friday, July 23 @ Wentworth

Wednesday, July 28 @ Indian Ridge

Monday, August 2 – Host Haverhill

Sunday, August 15 – Champs @ Haverhill

Swim Team

Welcome to the Summer of 2021 Beach Club Swim team. As the Covid crisis slowly recedes into the rearview mirror, we are making changes to the 2021 program to align with a traditional schedule more closely. We are pleased to announce that the Summer Aquatic League (SAL) will once again resume swim meets. We will provide more information about the meet schedule in the days to come.

We are pleased to announce that Nicole Ciancarelli will be returning this summer has Aquatics Director. On deck, she will be joined by Mike Jolly who is the assistant swim team coach at UNH. The pool staff includes many familiar faces. We are happy to have Oliver Blake, Owen Richardson, Georgie Sununu, and Carly Caswell back on the deck in 2021. We welcome Phoebe Blake, Max Brown, Quinn Burns, Gannon Ritter as new lifeguards.

We will continue to offer Water Aerobics, Early Bird Swim, Badge Programs, Swim Lessons, and the Swim Team, in addition to promoting water safety programs for all. Private Lessons are available and can be scheduled at the front desk. Below, are safety precautions are instituting for the pool and each of these programs:

Modified Swim Team

· We will again offer a slightly modified schedule where all swimmers will be in the pool together on Monday/Wednesday/and Friday from 9-10:30.

· On Tuesday/Thursdays, there will be two sessions. The first will run from 9-9:45 and the second session will run from 9:40-10:35. Please select your desired session in the registration form.

· We do anticipate swim meets, a banquet and end of season towel. The fee for swim team is $150 per child.

· The senior swim team returns this season for a reduced fee of $75.

· The junior swim team also returns at a fee of $75.

· Please see the Team Descriptions at the end of this document for more details

In accordance with SAL League rules, swim team participation is open to all club members who are 18 or under during the summer swim season. Swim team members must be able to swim one length independently, be comfortable in deep water, and be willing to learn basic headfirst entries. With the shortened daily practice, you can expect that this season will have a higher degree of focus on swimming fundamentals (strokes, turns and start drills).

We will continue to offer the Junior Team this summer. The Junior Team is available to swimmers who would like to participate in the swim team but still need more focused swim instruction. Junior Team practices take will take place during swim lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 to 11:30. Please refer to the attached description of our Junior Team membership requirements.

The first day of practice will be on Thursday, June 17 th. Please note that all completed forms, signed waivers and payment must be received before swimmers can participate. Please have all swim team paperwork submitted by Monday, June 14th. Please drop a check off or pay directly on the beach club website. No child will be able to participate until these requirements are met. No child will be able to participate until these requirements are met.

It is recommended that all swimmers have a Beach Club Swim Team suit for swim meets. You will be able to order swim suits from an online store and have the suit delivered straight to your home. We will provide additional details including a link soon.

Please note that the lap lane is open for membership use at all times except during swim team practice. If you have a question about lap lane use, please speak to the one of the lifeguards or the manager on duty. More information on our programming is available at the front desk of the Beach Club and on our website.

The Committee also wants to remind members that it is the policy of the Beach Club that any child under the age of twelve must be accompanied on the deck by a parent or designated adult at all time, this includes swim team practice.

We look forward to a wonderful summer in the pool. We hope to see many members participating in our water programs and invite you all to cheer on our Beach Club Swim Team to many victories!


Beach Club Swim Committee


Team Descriptions

Beach Club Swim Team

· All swimmers will swim together Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 9-10:30.

· On Tuesday and Wednesday, there will be two practice sessions. Depending on which one you are joining, practice will be from 9:00 – 9:45 or 9:50 – 10:35 Tuesday and Thursday.

· Fee is $150 per swimmer and that includes coaching, banquet, awards and an end of season towel.

Beach Club Senior Team

· Membership available high school students entering their junior or senior year with job/sport activities.

· Unable to make full commitment to swim team but still want to participate.

· Will participate in meets when available.

· $75 for season

· Eligible for all team events (banquet, psych night, poster parties, etc)

Beach Club Junior Team

· Practice will take place 11-11:30 on Tuesday/Thursday or Monday/Wednesday depending on which session you join.

· Members will receive an end of season towel.

· $75 for season.

· Number of participants will be limited (TBD by coaches).

Requirements to participate in Junior Team:

· Minnow Badge

· Swim on back unassisted for 10 yards

· Swim in deep water unassisted for 15 yards

· Unassisted use of kickboard for 10 yards

· Front and back glide/streamline for 5 yards

· Final determination made by coaches.


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