Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

A regular meeting of the Executive Committee was held on Monday evening, Nov 13th, 2023 on Zoom. The meeting was called to order by Alan Lewis at 7:04 PM.

Present: Alan Lewis – President, Craig Seymour – Vice President, Reggie Hall – Treasurer, Jeff Ristau – Manager, Katie Johnson, Julie Veale, Ali Maglieri, Dickie Garnett, Laura Schwartz, Alanna Schreck

Secretary’s Report

A motion was made to approve the October Executive Committee meeting minutes. The motion was seconded and carried. The minutes will be posted on the website.

The Manager’s Report

The Club has been closed up for the season and winterized. All storm boards are up and painted. Jeff also put up another section of fencing running diagonally down half of the main deck. Jeff also took a 2-day pool certification course.

Diving Board estimate from Northern Pool and Spa was $21,000 to replace the board base and removal of the old board and installing the new board. Alan made a proposal to accept the proposal to buy the new board and have it properly installed. Craig seconded the motion. 

Craig made a motion to order 10 Umbrella at $482 and 5 chairs. The motion was deconded and carried.  

Recommendation made to Power wash the awnings that cover the snack bar and wash the cushions inside on the couches.

Review of the Annual Survey (128 Responses)

  • Only 1% of members said they used the club less because it was too crowded
    • 70% do not want member only days to continue. The EC agreed that we should no longer continue with member only days going forward because of the high percentage of people who do not like the member only days.
    • A minority expressed that guest fees had an impact on their season (~20%)
    • Parking continues to be the primary capacity pain point for members
    • Renovation to the bubble and dining room received a strong majority support, renovation to upstairs also had majority interest but had less positive support
    • A majority would like Wifi but just over 50% are unwilling to pay for it
    • Overall satisfaction with facilities is very good with the website the trailing and the deck the received the highest rating
    • Admin and Management also have high satisfaction while snack bar and dues payments perform slightly less well
    • Broad support for an online directory – Project
    • High levels of satisfaction with the swim program
    • Social events also received very strong positive responses
    • Beach fire pits and Evening meals are very positively viewed with >50% of members indicating they would participate. – Revisit
    • Only 10% of members would like a formal Labor Day party, and a majority want it to stay on Labor Day weekend
    • 57% of members would pay extra for additional October membership
    • 50% would also pay for a May extension
    • 68% would support letting the Priority Waitlist pay for these extensions
    • 58% are even willing to let the Priority Waitlist pay for some Club usage in June and September – Subcommittee
    • Very positive interest in the endowment fund with 33% very interested
  • Lots of ideas for social events and for the 100th

A motion to adjourn the regular meeting was made by Craig at 8:58.

Next Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for January 9, 2024 at 7:00.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Katie Johnson on behalf of Mary Ellen Morse, Secretary.