Executive Committee Meeting Minutes


A regular meeting of the Executive Committee was held on Tuesday evening, June 13, 2023, at the Beach Club. The meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m. by Sara Casassa.

Sara Casassa – President, Alan Lewis – Vice President, Mary Ellen Morse – Secretary, Craig Seymour – Treasurer, Jeff Ristau – Manager, Alanna Schreck, Julie Veale, Reggie Hall and Katie Johnson

Secretary’s Report – Mary Ellen Morse

A motion was made to approve the May Executive Committee meeting minutes. The motion was seconded and carried. The minutes will be posted on the website.

Treasurer’s Report – Craig Seymour

  • The financial report was provided for review.
  • Total income through May 31st is ahead of last year by $69,000, primarily due to the 15% dues increase.
  • Early chit card sales exceeded last year, due to the great weather for the first couple of day we were open.
  • Total expenses were just over $308,000, about $21,000 higher than last year. Maintenance and repairs were nearly double from last year, due in large part to the clean-up from the Christmas storm and pool maintenance.
  • Operation costs have been slightly higher and Snack Bar expenses have also increased due to higher food prices.
  • Payroll through the end of May was higher, reflecting the increase in staffing for opening.
  • The current balance sheet reflects $600,000 in cash, including $200,000 that was moved
  • All past-due invoices for dues have been paid.
  • As Craig reported last month, the accountant who had prepared our financial statements and tax returns at Hodgson Wilson left the firm.  Another CPA is currently completing the 2022 financial statements and will have them completed in time for the annual meeting.
  • The Club obtained an extension for its tax return which will be completed later this year (due in October).
  • The Financial Report was accepted unanimously.



Manager’s Report – Jeff Ristau

  • Jeff provided an update on ongoing operations.
  • Jeff reported the Club opening went well.
  • The pool heater-has been running at half capacity to date. Jeff has contacted the pool heater service people and Eastern propane numerous times, but both were out. Currently, the pool is floating between 80-83 degrees.
  • The last section of the blue pool carpet (west side of the pool) will be laid down this week.
  • Jeff received lots of compliments on the food and service at the Opening Cocktail party.
  • The camera system has almost been resolved. The parking lot camera is working but needs to be reinstalled.  The wave camera was burned out by the lightning strike.  Jeff ordered and received a new one last week and will have it installed.


  • As of June 12, 2023, the membership counts are as follows:

Family – 96

Single -92

Spousal – 86

Total Number of Members – 649

Swim – Katie Johnson

  • Water Aerobics will be starting Wednesday, June 14th at 7:30AM
  • Swim team begins this Monday (June 19th at 9:00AM).
  • Early Bird and Evening Lap swim have started.
  • Email for swim team signups was sent out to membership on May 30, 2023. Reminder email to be sent out June 14th.
  • Swim meet schedule has been sent to set and communicated to swim team members.
  • Swim team beach cleanup tentative date is Thursday, June 29th.
  • Katie inquired about the stains on the bottom of the pool. Jeff clarified that the discoloration is not sand, but staining.



Social – Alanna Schreck

  • The first music night is schedule for June 25th with Rob Thomas.
  • Megan Fabrega  notified Alanna that she is not able to obtain an author for this years Beach Club Reads. The EC discussed holding another event in lieu of the book club.
  • The next up coming events will be the annual 3rd of July celebration and the music night on July 13th.

Facilities – Alan Lewis

  • No report was provided this month.

Long Range Planning – Reggie Hall

  • The EC discussed the initial plans provided by Ambit and next steps.
  • Members discussed whether there were alternatives to the full revetment (e.g., building in phases, constructing an alternative barrier with existing boulders, etc.).
  • Reggie will explore alternatives as well as obtaining quotes for work. He will report back to the EC at which time the EC will discuss further.
  • The EC discussed whether it is looking for any approvals from the Board at the Annual Meeting. Members agreed that at this time, we do not have any proposed plans requiring Board approval. Reggie will provide on the revetment to the membership at the Annual Meeting.


New Business

  1. Membership
  • The EC discussed whether it should re-visit the membership meeting given the passing of additional members in the days immediately preceding and following the May EC meeting. The EC agreed to hold a membership meeting.
  • Members resumed discussions from the May meeting related to the inclusion of the upper deck in the membership cap.
  • After discussion, the EC agreed to increase the membership cap from 635 to 650. The increase in the membership cap resulted from the additional capacity from the upper deck being added to the existing membership cap (635).
  • EC members stressed the importance of being disciplined about managing membership counts and not exceeding the new membership cap as organic growth to the membership count continues.
  • Since the current membership count falls below the new membership cap, the EC discussed whether it should admit any new members. The membership lists were reviewed. The next application on the Priority List was for one individual.
  • A motion was made to admit one new member from the Priority List. The motion was seconded and carried  (7-1).
  • The EC agreed out will continue to review usage trends and capacity restraints moving forward.


  1. Annual Meeting
  • The Annual Meeting will be held on June 25th at 9:00 am at the Club. Committee reports will need to be provided by June 15th so that Jeff has sufficient time to have materials printed for members.
  • Sara discussed the format of the Annual Meeting and committee reports to be presented.
  • The Linda Buell and Charlie Adams Awards will be presented this year. The Evelyn Drake Scholarship Award will not be presented, but we will look to do so for next season.
  1. Correspondence
  • Sara shared correspondence from members with the EC.

Meeting adjourned 9:13 pm.

The Executive Committee will meet Tuesday, July 11, 2023, 7:00 pm at the Beach Club.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Mary Ellen Morse, Secretary.