Executive Committee Meeting Minutes


A regular meeting of the Executive Committee was held on Tuesday evening, June 14, 2022, at the Beach Club. The meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m. by Sara Casassa.


Present: Sara Casassa – President, Craig Seymour – Treasurer, Mary Ellen Morse – Secretary, Jeff Ristau – Manager, Tiffany McCann, Reggie Hall, Erik Browning, Laura Schwartz and Katie Johnson


Secretarys Report – Mary Ellen Morse


A motion was made to approve the May Executive Committee meeting minutes. The motion was seconded and carried. The minutes will be posted on the website.


Treasurers Report – Craig Seymour


  • The financial report was provided for review.
  • Craig reported that many of the outstanding balances (locker fees) at the end of May have been paid.
  • Members who overpaid dues are being contacted to facilitate a refund/credit.
  • The Financial Report was accepted unanimously.


Managers Report – Jeff Ristau


  • Jeff provided an update on the pool repairs.
  • The opening cocktail party received a lot of positive feedback. The event was well staffed and plenty of food and drinks were available.
  • The kitchen continues to operate with a limited menu due to staff shortages. Jeff is hoping to have the snack bar open full time this weekend.
  • Annabelle’s Ice Cream will no longer be supplying our ice cream. Memories Ice Cream will likely be the selected as the Club’s ice cream vendor.
  • Marshalls Rentals has changed their policies and no longer allows cancellations or refunds. Based on positive feedback from last year, Jeff will not be ordering a tent for the 3rd of July. He will be ordering a dance floor.
  • As with past years, members will be permitted to bring house guests and immediate family members only to the 3rd of July event.




  • As of July 14, 2022, the membership counts are 277 total units (92 single, 88 spousal, 97 family) for a total of 652 members.


Swim – Erik Browning


  • Katie Johnson will be succeeding Erik as swim chair.
  • Sara thanked Erik for his many years of service to the Club.
  • Information regarding swim team sign ups was sent members on June 13th.
  • Swim meets have not been scheduled at this time, but Nicole expects to have meet information in the coming week.
  • Katie will be looking to schedule some technique clinics as well as other team building activities.


Social – Tiffany McCann

  • Alanna Schreck will be succeeding Tiffany as social chair. Sara thanked Tiffany for many years of service to the Club.
  • The photo booth has been booked for Family Night and Las Olas will be scheduled to cater.
  • Thyme & Tide has been booked to cater the Labor Day event.
  • Drew Szeliga confirmed for Labor Day
  • Tiffany is working to schedule additional music nights. Drew Szeliga’s group will play on 7/28 &  8/22.
  • We will be looking to schedule an astronomy night. The date will be dependent upon weather and sunset times.
  • Beach Club Reads has been scheduled for July 19th.
  • Kelly Lewis has reserved July 24th for Art with a Splash.


Technology – Katie Johnson

  • The EC discussed credit card processing fees. Katie will be reaching out to additional suppliers to explore options for ACH payments.
  • Given the increased processing fees (2.9% of the total charge), the EC will discuss passing through those fees to members next season.
  • A new sign in template has been created for front desk staff to ensure consistency and quality of data.

Facilities – Alan Lewis


  • No report was provided this month.


Long Range Planning – Reggie Hall


  • Reggie reported that Ambit Engineering will begin surveying for the revetment.


New Business

  • The EC discussed the agenda for the Annual Meeting. The meeting will follow the format used in prior years.
  • The EC reviewed current Club goals and voted to remove sustainability efforts as a standalone goal. The EC voted to update the goals with the following:

“Planning for long term sustainability at the club for current and future members wile embedding practices designed to minimize negative environmental impact.”


Meeting adjourned 8:48 pm.


The Executive Committee will meet Tuesday, July 12, 2022, 7:00 pm at the Beach Club.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Mary Ellen Morse, Secretary.