Beach Club Inc

Annual Meeting of Members

Sunday, June 26, 2022


Introductions – Sara Casassa, President

Sara opened the 97th Annual meeting at 9:00 am. Sara thanked the Executive Committee, the management team, and the staff for their hard work getting the club ready for the season – the first “normal” season since Covid. Staffing was especially challenging due to shortages and Sara thanked Jeff for his achievements in filling all positions. She shared that Jeff created an incentive program as part of the pay structure to help maintain retention through the end of the season. Sara asked the members to be patient with the newer, younger staff who may be still learning their roles at the club.


Sara spoke about the subcommittee formed over the winter to address the on boarding of new members.


The committee agreed to find ways that would allow the new members (those at the top of the waiting list) to meet and get to know the EC. The committee also agreed that if a person or family on the waitlist were not going to be allowed in, they would have the option to resign first. Lastly, the committee decided against allowing new members to defer a year.


In Memoriam – Alan

A moment of silence was held for our members who had passed. Alan read the names; Don Blouin, Maryellen Goodspeed, James Kilcoyne, Charles Mahoney. Sarah rang the bell once after each name (Tiffany rang it for Don and Erik for Charles).


Approval of the minutes

A motion was made to approve the minutes of the 2021 Annual Meeting of Members. The motion was seconded and unanimously accepted.





Alan read the awards: The Lynnda Buell Award was given to Anika Johnson and the Charlie Adams Award to Lily Pokorny. The Evelyn Drake Scholarship Award was not awarded this year.


Financial Report – Craig Seymour, Treasurer

Craig Seymour presented the Financial Report and it was accepted unanimously by the membership. Craig reported that it was a good year, the club continues to be financially healthy.


Revenues and expenses were slightly lower compared to 2021, resulting in a decrease in annual surplus (net income). Highlights are included on the 2022 Annual Meeting Handout. On the revenue side, a decrease in application and initiation fees was offset by significant increases in operational revenues (snack bar, functions and swim program), resulting in a net decrease in total revenues of approximately 2.9 percent. On the expense side of the ledger, the increased level of activities and use resulted in increased costs of operations, including utility costs, while labor costs increased only slightly by 2.1%, resulting in an overall 5.8 percent increase in total expenditures. Overall, net income increased by $92,000, down 38% from last year.


Facilities Report – Alan Lewis, Chair

Alan Lewis presented the facilities report and the highlights are included in the 2022 Annual Meeting Handout. In summary, there were no major expenses, mostly maintenance projects to keep the club in working order. Alan reminded the membership that the EC is still working on a solution to resurrecting the salt water line. He made note of some cracks in the shallow end of the pool and assured the membership that they will be addressed in the off season and do not increase any risk. Alan shared that the windows in the bubble need to be replaced and that the facilities committee will be looking at different options to provide to the membership in the future.


Technology Report – Erik Browning for Katie Johnson

Erik provided the technology report and it was accepted by the membership. Highlights are included in the 2022 Annual Meeting Handout. The website is up and running and the new beach and parking cameras are in place. The EC continues to investigate alternative methods for online payments (ACH, eCheck) to decrease the club’s high credit card transaction fees. There was a good response to the survey. The EC employs a new platform – CODA – to record data, notes, and history. We continue to collect more data to study how the club is being utilized. The check-in process at the desk is now being logged into the computer and Erik reminded members to please be patient as it may take a little extra time.


A question was asked about the need to log out (not necessary as the “people counter” will be sufficient at this time). A question was asked about Wi-Fi and Erik said that we will add it to the survey again next year.


Long Term Planning Committee – Reggie Hall, Chair

Reggie presented the long range planning report and the highlights are included in the 2022 Annual Meeting Handout. Reggie discussed the effect of rising water levels and how to address the environmental impact on the club. A surveyor was at the club and will prepare a schematic and cost estimate for reinforcing the rock wall this winter. A longer range project may involve looking at elevating the Beach Club structures.


Guest Policy Subcommittee Report – Alan Lewis

Alan gave a summary of the guest policy survey responses and how the subcommittee discussed the concerns of increased demand on a club with limited facilities. The highlights are included in the 2022 Annual Meeting Handout. The subcommittee recommended the $10 guest fee this season (for weekend days only, July 2 – August 14). The subcommittee also recommended a members only day (8am-5pm) on Wednesday and simplified the language around table usage.


-A concern was raised about members abusing the rules (sneaking guests from the beach entrance and having guests taking up too much table room). Alan suggested that all members follow the rules and ask management for advice if there is a question.

-A follow up question asked if this put too much of a burden on management and Alan reassured the membership that the EC will see how the situation evolves and will continue to get feedback from management.

-Another question was raised about creating a reservation system like the one in place for the Sea Deck and North Deck.

-A concern was raised about guests parking in the Beach Club and Saint Theresa’s lots. Saint Andrews was offered as an additional partner and the EC will pursue this idea.

-One member shared that they felt the club was grossly underutilized and wanted to know how many days the club exceeds capacity. The EC continues to collect data.

-A member asked if we have data on the waitlist guests (yes, but number was not available at the time of the meeting).

-A member asked if there are other metrics we can look at and suggested number of lunches per day. Alan agreed to add that to the list.


Membership Report – Sarah Holmes, Chair

Sarah Holmes presented the Membership Report and it was accepted. Highlights are included in the 2022 Annual Meeting Handouts. Membership information as of June 26, 2022:


Births: 3

Marriages: 3

Legacy: 3 units

Admitted: 0

Resignations: 1 unit, 2 members

Deaths: 4

Removed: 4


The total membership is at 654.


Sarah asked that members please report any changes to their family units to ensure accuracy.


-There was discussion around what those on the waitlist do in the event that sponsors pass away. It is the Club’s responsibility to find new sponsors. If both sponsors are deceased, only one new sponsor is required.

-A member suggested that the sponsor should know who they are sponsoring and make a point to introduce them to the EC.

-It was suggested that $5,000 was too high an initiation fee for legacy. It was also suggested that we consider raising the age or creating a new membership level for legacy.

-A question was asked about how a 22-year old member getting married can join the club (they can join after marriage).

– A member noted that there seems to be a lack of children at the club and not as many young families which impacts the vitality and swim program.


Social Committee – Tiffany McCann, Chair

Tiffany McCann presented the Social Report and it was accepted by the membership.  Highlights are included in the 2022 Annual Meeting Handout. In addition to those events listed, Tiffany shared that Beach Club Reads is continuing this year and other events may be added to the calendar. A reminder that Beach Clean Up day is July 28th and Water Carnival and Sandcastle weekend is 8/20.


Swim Report – Erik Browning, Chair

The Swim Report was presented by Erik Browning and highlights are included in the 2022 Annual Meeting Handout. Erik announced that the swim team has a new assistant coach this year. The season will be a traditional schedule with various home and away meets (schedule to be released soon). There will also be a lifeguard certification course offered this year. There are many opportunities where the swim team needs parent volunteers.


Other Questions

-A shout out to the magnificent geraniums

-There was a concern about behavioral and attitude norms of young people on the deck (running, messiness, disruption, bad language). Are the staff empowered to discipline those who misbehave?

-Staff should also be empowered to talk to the parents of those who misbehave.

-A member suggested that if anyone has a problem with another member’s actions, they should go to the manager and not the member.


Nominating Committee – Gail Sudduth, Past President

Gail presented the candidates for Board of Directors.


Candidates for Board of Director for three years 2022-2024 (unanimously accepted by attending membership)


Nominations for the Beach Club Board of Directors – June 26, 2022

2022 – 2025

Ms. Lisa Bottomley

Ms. Diana Burnell

Mrs. Denise Byrne

Mr. Frank Drake

Ms. Meganne Fabrega

Mr. Bill Hickey

Mr. Mark McCue

Mrs. Alanna Schreck

Mr. Craig Seymour

Ms. Julie Veale


Conclusion – Sara Casassa, President

Sara thanked Tiffany McCann and Erik Browning for their 9 years of service to the club and presented them with a gift. Sara asked that members share their favorite memories on the “memory cards” that are available at the front desk.


Annual Meeting adjourned at 10:22 am. Minutes respectfully submitted by Laura Schwartz for Mary Ellen Wenners Morse, Secretary.


















Beach Club Inc.

Annual Meeting of Directors

Sunday, June 27, 2021


Annual meeting of the Beach Club Directors was opened at 10:30 am.


Gail Sudduth presented the nomination for one new member of the Executive Committee, which was accepted unanimously:


Ms. Julie Veale


Gail Sudduth the presented the nominations for the Executive Committee Officers, which were accepted unanimously.


Candidates for Bach Club Officers:

President: Mrs Sara Casassa

Vice President: Mr. Alan Lewis

Treasurer: Mr. Craig Seymour

Secretary: Mrs. Ellen Wenners Morse


Reggie shared that there would be an out of cycle meeting in August or September to talk about the forthcoming proposal for the rock wall, which may cost $500,000.


-It was recommended that the Beach Club consider a $50 food minimum to help raise revenue. It was not supported.


The Annual Meeting of Directors adjourned at 10:38 am.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Laura Schwartz for Mary Ellen Wenners Morse, Secretary.