Executive Committee Meeting Minutes


A regular meeting of the Executive Committee was held, via Zoom, on Tuesday evening, October 19, 2021. The meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m. by Sara Casassa.


Present: Sara Casassa – President, Alan Lewis – Vice President, Craig Seymour – Treasurer, Mary Ellen Morse -Secretary, Erik Browning, Tiffany McCann, Reggie Hall, Katie Johnson, Sarah Holmes, Laura Schwartz, and Jeff Ristau – Manager


Secretary’s Report – Mary Ellen Morse


A motion was made to approve the September Executive Committee meeting minutes. The minutes were unanimously approved and will be posted on the website.


Treasurer’s Report – Craig Seymour


  • Craig Seymour presented the Financial Report to the Executive Committee.
  • Expenses for September consisted of costs associated with closing the Club for the season.
  • Revenues from the annual capital contribution and reservation fees resulted in $58,000 in net revenue for the month.
  • Overall, year to date revenue and expenses are in-line with historical averages.
  • A large number of paper invoices were mailed at the end of September but never received by members. Paper copies of invoices will be re-sent to those who did not receive the original invoice. The due date will be extended to account for the delay in receiving the invoice.
  • Jeff will send an email regarding the invoice issue to the membership.
  • Craig is exploring functionality within QuickBooks to permit credit card payments. He will compare the transaction fees of QuikBook credit card payments with our current transaction fees.
  • Craig answered questions from the EC and the Financial Report was accepted unanimously.


Manager’s Report – Jeff Ristau


  • Jeff has been working to close the Club for the winter.
  • The sea deck has been disassembled and stacked in the bubble area.
  • The beach ramp has been moved to the deck for the winter.
  • The deck is almost clear except for two pieces of blue carpet around pool.
  • Natural Home and Deck has started power washing the deck and will apply a protective winter coating of stain.
  • The fire suppression system has been winterized for the season.
  • Denron HVAC will winterize the pool heater.
  • The pool company will be out the end of October to close the pool for the winter. Jeff will have them assess some damage to the plaster during that time.
  • Hart Plumbing will be out November 2nd to shut of the water.

Membership – Sarah Holmes


  • As of September 13th, the membership counts are as follows:

276 total units

91 single

86 spousal

99 family

652 total members

  • Three legacies will be eligible for membership in November. Sarah emailed the families and requested each legacy send a letter of intent.
  • One person has been added to the priority waitlist and one person has been added to the regular waitlist.


Swim – Erik Browning


There were no swim updates to present this month.


Social Tiffany McCann


There were no social updates to present this month.


Facilities – Laura Schwartz

  • The EC discussed repairs needed to the deck. A question was asked as to whether we could track down the company/individual who initially completed the installation to obtain a quote for such repair work. Sarah will try to obtain the individual’s information.
  • Jeff, Alan, and Laura will work to obtain quotes over the coming months for the deck repairs.
  • The EC agreed that work to be done to the saltwater line, if any, would best be performed and/or assessed when the deck is removed for repairs.

Long Range Planning – Reggie Hall

  • Reggie is continuing to work on charting a schedule for grant applications to help pay for fees associated implementing resilience practices at the Club (e.g., elevating the club house).
  • Reggie plans to meet with the NH LCHP program that would provide funding to work we have discussed.


Technology – Katie Johnson

  • Katie is working with Stoutheart to implement ACH payments with Stripe. Implementation is dependent upon the Club establishing a Plaid.com account. Jeff and Katie met on 10/18 and set up the Plaid.com account.
  • Katie provided the initial draft of the annual survey for review by EC members. Once all feedback has been received from EC members, Katie will update the survey which will be sent to members by mid-November.

New Business

  • The EC discussed the draft annual survey. Discussions focused on overall utilization of the club, swim programs and guest privileges, including but not limited to, maintaining member only days, combining all categories of guests, implementing a guest fee and/or registration system. The guest policy subcommittee will be meeting on November 2, 2021 and will craft survey questions related to guest policies for inclusion in the survey.
  • The EC discussed timing of the survey and agreed to send the survey mid-November in the hopes of increasing participation.
  • Jeff presented an email from TMS Architects requesting the Club provide written consent to the proposed location of the shed which is less than ten feet from the property line. The EC will review and discuss response.

Old Business


  • The EC discussed use of Google Docs and/or Coda as a document retention system for all EC documents moving forward. Coda received positive feedback to date and EC members agreed to continue using moving forward. Google Docs will be used simultaneously.
  • Sara provided an update on the newly formed sub-committee created to examine current admissions policies. Sara has invited non-EC members to join and plans to hold the first meeting after the new year.
  • Alan provided an update on the newly formed sub-committee created to review guest policies in response to the annual survey. The sub-committee will be meeting November 2 and will craft questions for inclusion in the annual survey.


A motion to adjourn regular meeting was made and seconded.

Meeting adjourned 9:05 pm.


Next Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 9, 2021at



Minutes respectfully submitted by Mary Ellen Morse, Secretary.