Executive Committee Meeting Minutes


A regular meeting of the Executive Committee was held  on Tuesday evening, May 11, 2021 at the Beach Club. The meeting was called to order at 7:06 p.m. by Gail Sudduth.


Present: Gail Sudduth – President, Sara Casassa – Vice President, Craig Seymour – Treasurer, Mary Ellen Morse -Secretary, Jeff Ristau – Manager  Alan Lewis (Remote), Tiffany McCann, Reggie Hall,  Katie Layman, and Sarah Holmes


Secretary’s Report – Mary Ellen Morse


A motion was made to approve the April Executive Committee meeting minutes. The motion was seconded and carried. The minutes will be posted on the website.


Treasurer’s Report – Craig Seymour


  • Craig Seymour presented the Financial Report to the Executive Committee.
  • Craig provided an overview of the financials and answered questions about specific line items in the Budget Report.
  • The Financial Report was accepted unanimously.
  • Craig provided an update on the payment of membership dues. The deadline for membership dues was April 30 35 members were in arrears, 19 of whom have payments in transit. As of May 9th, 11 members have either dues, late fees and/or locker fees outstanding. Craig will follow up with those members this week via email and/or phone call.
  • A few members reported that they did not receive an invoice by mail. One member with a past due balance reported mailing the payment from Florida two weeks earlier. Members of the EC reported delays with mail locally and throughout the US this year.
  • Expenses for the month were limited to payroll, utilities, limited maintenance and repair costs and the final payment for the new roof.
  • Kathy Johnson, the Club’s long-time bookkeeper, will be moving and has provided her resignation. Kathy has agreed to assist with training her replacement.


Manager’s Report – Jeff Ristau


  • Jeff reported that obtaining staff has been problematic. He has been able to fill all lifeguard positions and is finalizing office staff this week. Jeff is still looking to hire additional kitchen staff and is advertising in a variety of mediums. Should the Club not be able to hire additional kitchen staff, the Snack Bar may need to close one or two days each week until those positions have been filled.
  • Jeff expects the entire deck will be stained by the end of May at which time he will start unloading the building and locker aisles Tuesday.
  • The pool heater is working properly and the pool temperature is currently set to 70 degrees. The heater does go into a lockout mode when the propane take gets low and on unseasonally cool nights so occasional disruptions may still occur. Jeff will be training managers how to properly troubleshoot these issues.
  • A question was asked about the Club’s supply of chlorine given the nationwide shortgage of chlorine. Jeff reported that the Club has sufficient supply as we use chlorine in a liquid form rather than the “chlorine pucks” which are most affected by the shortage.
  • The salt water line is not functioning. Hart Plumbing will coming to unattach and reattach the saltwater pump in an attempt to eliminate a small leak should that be causing the saltwater line to fail.
  • The work performed on the roof has seemingly remedied the leak in the firplace. One mason who inspected the fireplace commented on the high quality of Sky High’s work. There are a few north facing areas that will need to be reappointed, though not immediately.
  • A few of the metal risers that help level the deck are fused together from the saltwater and will need replacing.
  • The door frame blocking that surf locker in the north locker has been removed providing additional space to move with boards.
  • Painting performed by Club staff as well as painting performed by Lahey Painting is complete.



Membership – Sarah Holmes


  • Sarah Holmes reported current membership totals. As of May 9, 2020, the membership counts are 279 total units (93 single, 89 spousal, 98 family) for a total of 655 members.
  • A single unit will change to a spousal in June resulting in one new member.
  • Discussions ensued regarding current members in comparison to the previously established membership cap. There was further discussion abou the considertations that lead to the establishment of the cap.


Due to the late hour and the number of items on the agenda remaining, it was agreed to resume the discussion at a continued session, whereupon a motion was made to adjourn meeting until May 18, 2021, to conclude discussion on membership and remaining agenda items.


Meeting adjourned at 9:47 pm.


The regular meeting of the Executive Committee continued on Tuesday evening, May 18, 2021, via Zoom. The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m. by Gail Sudduth.



Membership Continued – Sara Holmes


Discussions ensued regarding the admission of new members. Considerations discussed were the unprecedented growth of the membership in the past year (i.e.  30 new members), additional parking restraints and current guest policies. In light of membership being at an all time high and exceeding the membership cap significantly, it was decided that no new members would be admitted at this time.


Swim – Erik Browning


  • Erik provided an update on the swim program.  Discussions followed regarding the swim team schedule. The following three options were discussed:
    1. Continue last summer’s schedule (i.e. the team would be split into two groups with each group practicing either 2 or 3 times per week);
    2. Divide the team into two groups with each group practicing 5 days per week with the entire team coming together one day each week;
    3. Revert to traditional schedule (i.e. one group with swimmers practing five days each week with eight swimmers in each lane).
  • The EC voted to proceed with Option 2 (swimmers will practive five days a week in two sessions).
  • The EC discussed swim meets, including but not limited to, hosting meets at the Club and Covid controls, if any, that would be required. A question was raised as to what the Summer Aquatics League (“SAL”) was planning. Erik reported that Nicole would be attending a SAL meeting later that week at which time she would have a better understanding of league plans.
  • The EC unanimously agreed to participate in swim meets this season should the league permit participating clubs to hold meets.
  • Erik reported that Mike Jolly, the Assistant Swim Coach at UNH, would be coaching the swim team this summer.  Erik will work with Nicole to coordinate coach’s schedules.


Social – Tiffany McCann


  • Tiffany provided a draft of the 2021 social calendar. Additional music nights have been added. An astronomy night and “Paint with a Splash” night will be scheduled in the coming weeks.
  • A decision was made to cancel the traditional 3rd of July party as high tides would create crowding on the deck. The fireworks will be postponed to later in the month and a celebratory event will be planned.
  • Tiffany is working with PromoCentric on the “Pop up Shop” and also looking to source Beach Club branded drinware.



Facilities – Alan Lewis


  • No facilities report was provided this month.


Long Range Planning – Reggie Hall


  • A Long Range Planning Committee report was not provided this month. The committee will be convening to discuss grant possibilities in the coming months and will report back at such time.


Technology – Katie Johnson

  • Katie Johnson provided an update on the various technology initiatives. Following discussions from the April EC meeting, Katie configured the Guest Reservation Page on the web site. The site can easily be removed should the Club not elect to use such functionality at this time.
  • The payment issues discussed at the April EC meeting have been remedied and DB WordPress upgrades were completed on April 16th, 2021.

New Business

Due to parking in the St. Theresa lot being limits to 20 cars (some of which are allocated to staff for parking), members will only be permitted to use one space at either the Club or St. Theresa’s at any one time. Each membership unit will receive one parking tag. Any cars parked without a parking tag in the Club lot or in the St. Theresa’s lot may be towed. There will be no guest parking.

Old Business

Gail confirmed that no guests will be permitted until after Memorial Day and no guests will be permitted on Wednesdays or Sundays. All other guest rules will remain unchanged.


A motion to adjourn the regular meeting was made by Gail and seconded by Craig.


Meeting adjourned 9:17 pm.


The  Executive Committee will meetTuesday, June 8, 2021, 7:00 pm at the Beach Club.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Mary Ellen Morse, Secretary.