Executive Committee Meeting Minutes


A regular meeting of the Executive Committee was held, via Zoom, on Tuesday evening, February 9, 2021. The meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m. by Gail Sudduth.


Present: Gail Sudduth – President, Sara Casassa – Vice President, Craig Seymour – Treasurer, Mary Ellen Morse -Secretary, Erik Browning, Alan Lewis, Tiffany McCann, Reggie Hall, Katie Johnson, Sarah Holmes and Jeff Ristau – Manager

Secretary’s Report – Mary Ellen Morse


A motion was made to approve the January Executive Committee meeting minutes. The motion was seconded and carried. The minutes will be posted on the website.


Treasurer’s Report – Craig Seymour


  • Craig Seymour presented the Financial Report to the Executive Committee.
  • Craig has begun work on the 2021 budget with Jeff, Tiffany and Alan.
  • In order to address uncertainties resulting from Covid, Craig is planning to do a “normal’ budget (i.e., no Covid-19 expenses required) and another assuming restrictions and/or expenses attributable to Covid.
  • The Club will have a large capital expense for the roofing work. The EC discussed setting up a capital reserve fund for large expenditures in the future.
  • The Financial Report was accepted unanimously.


Manager’s Report – Jeff Ristau


  • Jeff has obtained three quotes for replacing the roof from J. Carnes & Son, Sky High and Southers. If we were to do all three buildings at the same time (i.e., main building, south building and the west lockers), the estimates provided were $78-$82,000+ from J. Carnes, $88,500 from Sky High and $113,650+ from Southers Construction.
  • Currently, all three buildings leak and the upstairs dormers leak. The upstairs have minor water damage, and we lose shingles in every heavy storm.
  • The cupola on the pump house is in disrepair. Jeff contacted Dave Seaward about building another. The cupola is for aesthetic purposes only and is not needed for venting. The EC discussed whether the cupola should be replaced once the roof has been completed. A decision will be made based upon the price.
  • The Club itself did not incur significant damage from recent storms. The storm fence and snow kept the ocean water from entering the pool. The cedar fence adjacent to the north locker was pushed in but appears not to have incurred any damage.
  • Frozen water in a pipe in the pumphouse caused a crack in the plastic valve. It appears the tech who serviced the pool heater closed a valve to protect the heater from water backing up, but it should have been left open. The pool company has been made aware and they will fix it before we open the pool.
  • Chinburg will be getting a backflow preventor for the bathroom.
  • Jeff will be contact the chimney company to see if it is warm enough to assess and repair the leaky chimney.
  • American Thunder Fireworks has been booked for the 3rd of July. They are aware the date may be moved out should restrictions on gathering size be in effect. Our $4,500 payment from last summer will be applied to charges for this summer so no additional amounts are due.
  • Jeff is working on staffing for the summer. He expects to have a better idea as to whom will be returning by the next meeting.


Membership – Sarah Holmes


  • As of February 9, 2020, the membership counts are 279 total units (93 single, 88 spousal, 98 family) for a total of 654 members.
  • One legacy member will be eligible for an independent membership in July.


Swim – Erik Browning


  • The annual survey showed that members were generally happy with the swim season and felt there was some improvement from the prior season.
  • Survey responses indicated most members would prefer reverting to the historical swim schedule. Absent any social distancing requirements, the schedule will revert to the schedule from past seasons. Should distancing requirement be in effect, modifications will be made, as necessary.
  • We are looking to hire a swim coach for the summer to provide more consistent coaching. This person would report into Nicole but be responsible for being on deck five (5) days a week.


Social – Tiffany McCann


  • No social report was presented.
  • Tiffany is continuing to work on the summer social calendar and looking to schedule alternative social events should there continue to be restrictions on the size of gatherings.


Facilities – Alan Lewis


  • Alan updated the Board on the facilities initiatives in conjunction with the long- range planning initiatives.
  • The roof continues to be the priority moving into this summer.
  • Concerns regarding stand-up paddleboards (SUP) storage continue to be raised.
  • Jeff and Alan met to assess and explore SUP storage options at the Club.
  • The current indoor capacity for paddleboards is no more that 6-8 boards.
  • Some members with lockers in the north building have expressed concerns about safety related to the storage of the SUPs in the main corridor.
  • There are no real options to build a structure outside for overnight storage of SUPs.
  • The EC discussed possible solutions including, reconfiguration of locker(s) to build addition storage, limiting the number of SUPs and a registration process for all SUPs.
  • The EC will continue to discuss potential solutions at future meetings.


Long Range Planning – Reggie Hall


  • Reggie contacted Ambit Engineering to obtain a quote so the Club can better assess the cost of an “all-in” (i.e., everything we can do to address sea level rise) solution. Ambit will provide a quote for the cost to elevate the clubhouse on pilings to protect against storm surge.
  • Prior to providing the quote, Ambit will need to obtain an elevation certificate which would provide the elevation of the Club so it can determine how high the clubhouse would need to be raised to accommodate magnitude storms (i.e., 100 year, 500 year, etc.). The cost of this initial work would be $1400. The elevation certificate would be required for all future discussions with contractors should we elect to proceed with elevating the structure.
  • Reggie has contacted the NH Preservation Alliance and the NH Land and Community Investment Program to explore grant opportunities.


Technology – Katie Johnson

  • Katie presented the aggregated responses from the annual survey pertaining to the guest policy and swim program.
  • 47 people provided comments pertaining to the guest policy. Overall, about half supported modifying or changing the policy while the other half supported making no changes.
  • The EC will discuss responses to the annual survey in detail at a future meeting.

New Business


  • The EC committee discussed member responses to questions pertaining to the guest policy on the annual survey. The EC will discuss whether changes should be made based on feedback at a later date.
  • Gail will schedule a Board of Directors meeting for early March in order to obtain Board approval for the replacement of the roof.


Old Business




A motion to adjourn regular meeting was made by Gail and seconded by Craig.

Meeting adjourned 9:04 pm.


Next Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 9, 2021 at

7:00 via ZOOM


Minutes respectfully submitted by Mary Ellen Morse, Secretary.