Beach Club Inc.
Executive Committee Meeting
Tuesday May 12, 2020
Remotely via Zoom

Present: Gail Sudduth – President, Sara Casassa – Vice President, Rob MacLeod – Treasurer, Amy Tremblay -Secretary, Diana Burnell, Erik Browning, Meganne Fabrega, Alan Lewis, Tiffany McCann, Craig Seymour and
Jeff Ristau – Manager

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by Gail Sudduth

Secretary’s Report – Amy Tremblay
● The April Minutes were accepted and will be posted on the website

Treasurer’s Report – Rob McLeod
• The Cambridge/Optima Trust has been paid in full.
• All membership dues have been paid with the exception of one member, possiblly due to a new address correction and could be giving up membership.
• We are all set up at Bangor Trust, with 2 checking accunts and 1 savings account.
• All accounts are closed at Cambridge, with the exception of one, that will be closed end of this month or in June when Kathy is comfortable everything is working properly.
• Rob and Gail will go to Bangor Savings on Friday to sign a line of credit.
• Rob will have a draft ready for the annual meeting at our next meeting to go over.

Manager’s Report – Jeff Ristau
• Bathroom is almost done, walk thru is Friday morning at 8:30
• All police detail has been cancelled as well as American Thunder (fireworks)
• The sand filter has been changed and pool is running a lot better; including jets, pressure and chemicals.
• The pool heater is working and our serviceman is coming back this week to double check it.
• The deck cleaning has started; top layer of seal has been stripped off and will be reapplied.
• The mold is being cleaned off cedar shingles
• Lahey will be finished painting this week.
• Cintas came to make sure all flood lights, pull boxes and fire extinguishers are up to date. They replaced the Ansul hood vent system in the kitchen and now that will not need to be replaced for another 11-12 years.
• Will schedule fire inspection for next week or week after.
• Hoping to get the Sea Deck installed this weekend so Eastern Propane can come hook up the gas.
• Called Val (Black Label Gardens) to see if she could put off plantings until closer to opening.
• Gail Sudduth is the primary owner and decision maker on the TRI account.

Membership –Meganne Fabrega
● As of May 9th, there are currently 273 total units (96 single, 86 spousal, 92 family) = 627 total members.
● There are two legacies eligible for membership during the season, one in July and one in late August, and three remaining for the year all with November birthdays.
● Request to accept the following 2019 Provisional members for the 2020 season
Grace Boueri, Hilary Buntrock, Max Eberhart, Morganne Hodson, Caroline Seekins and Todd and Susan (McDermott) Waskelis. Tiffany 2nd, all in favor, motion accepted.
● Four families were approved to offer membership to from the Priority List
● Two families were approved to offer membership to from the Regular List.

Swim – Erik Browning
● Working on ideas for next COVID-19 meeting
● Thinking we should send out a registration form for wim team, although we don’t know when we will start, we could get an idea of interested participants this year to help in planning. The swim team may be smaller this year due to the age of our swimmers
● The League Meeting is after Memorial Day – then we will know if there is even a league this summer.

Social – Tiffany McCann
● Working on swag now … with events being cancelled.

Facilities – Alan Lewis
● Vent in the bathroom is last item to be addressed
● Friday during the walk thruwill come to an agreement on the floor

Technology – Diana Burnell
● No updates

Long Range Planning – Craig Seymour
● UNH – sponsored program (NH Coastal Landowner Technical Assistance Program) walk through with committee is being planned for mid to late June.

New business
● Gail spoke with 4 Significant Other applicants and explained, due to COVID-19 and no guests this summer, we would not be able to offer this as an option this summer. If things change, we will get back to them.

Old Business
● None

Motion to adjourn meeting Gail, second Tiffany
Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm

Next EC Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday June 9,2020 at 7:00 pm via Zoom
And a meeting will be scheduled to discuss COVID-19 as soon as Governor Sununu makes an announcement

Minutes respectfully submitted by Amy Tremblay, Secretary