Beach Club Inc.
Executive Committee Meeting
Tuesday April 14, 2020
Remotely via Zoom

Present: Gail Sudduth – President, Sara Casassa – Vice President, Rob MacLeod – Treasurer, Amy Tremblay -Secretary, Diana Burnell, Erik Browning, Meganne Fabrega, Alan Lewis, Tiffany McCann, Craig Seymour and
Jeff Ristau – Manager

The Meeting was rescheduled from April 15 to April 14
The meeting was called to order at 7: 06 pm by Gail Sudduth

Secretary’s Report – Amy Tremblay
● The March Minutes were accepted and will be posted on the website

Treasurer’s Report – Rob McLeod
● The Loan has been paid off at Cambridge Trust and the sweep account closed, leaving us with two checking accounts that we will use in parallel until our new accounts are fully up and running at Bangor Savings.
● Bangor approved our line of credit and we will mirror what we did with Cambridge. We are on schedule to be up and running by the end of April.
● Lockers didn’t get billed due to a move from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks online. Jeff sent out an email asking that those with lockers submit payment with invoice, if not they will be billed next month.
● Budget very similar to LY. Capital Expenditures has $250K
● Craig made a motion to approve the budget, subject to Capital Expenditure and COIVD-19 review. Meganne 2nd, budget approved

Manager’s Report – Jeff Ristau
● Still on track for May 23rd opening, Nicole and Matt have been helping get the club ready
● Chinburg may be 1 week behind schedule.
● Water is on for the pool filter; Hart plumbing will be back Thursday to finish turning on the rest of the water.
● Taking down the boards this week so South Shore Gunite has access to the pool Friday
● Parking lot is completely blocked off per Chief Walsh’s request, they were having a hard time getting people to move along and obey parking bans.
● Our vendors have been booked or spoken with, only one cancellation so far. Gaurino’s Pools is unable to schedule changing the pool filter as they are located in Massachusetts and considered non-essential. We can vacuum using the battery-operated system that doesn’t go through the filter until they are able to come.
● Kitchen will be cleaned once the water is turned on.
● Had our electrician replace the recessed lights in the apartment with LEDs in preparation for the Fire inspection
● Contacted our cleaning company to come give us a quote for floor to ceiling disinfecting and see if they would be able to do this on a regular schedule throughout the season, in light of Coronavirus.
● We are close to fully staffed, waiting on 3-4 for staffers that are waiting to hear on internship opportunities. We may need to find a cook or two.

Membership –Meganne Fabrega
● As of April 13th , there are currently 275 total units (96 single, 86 spousal, 93 family) = 632 total members.
● Next legacy birthday is April 18th. No letter has been received yet.
● Received 13 responses to the letters/emails requesting information updates for applicants from their sponsors, including one application withdrawal. Will call the remaining two

Swim – Erik Browning
● Continue to look for a Swim Coach, for now operating under the assumption it will work as we did last year with Nicole running the program and if we find a coach, great!
● The League Meeting to set up the meet schedule is the end of May.

Social – Tiffany McCann
● Calendar complete and included with President’s letter
● Labor Day / 95th Anniversary is the main focus, Ben Baldwin has been booked, no deposit required and he understands this is subject to change due to COVID-19. Tiffany will work on caterer next, but hesitant to book not knowing what will happen.
● Recruitment for Social Committee has been put on hold due to Coronavirus.
● Jeff will ask what our options are with the fireworks, a 50% deposit has been paid.

Facilities – Alan Lewis
● The bathroom project is near completion. As of today fixtures are being installed and the walls are painted.
● We are over by $13K from original budget of $175K due to 5 changes we had to make from repairing rot to fire suppression system.
● Remaining capital improvements for this year are beach access shower, water filtration, pool heater and fire monitoring.
● Capital improvements for next year – will get quotes for roof, skylights and siding

Technology – Diana Burnell
● Will check on the camera’s picture, it has been freezing and check on the weather update
● Will put new bathroom pictures on the website to show progress
● Add some Historical pictures to the site for anniversary

Long Range Planning – Craig Seymour
● Put together a committee; Alan Lewis, Brad Seymour, Reggie & Laura Hall, and Art Dionne. Donny Blouin will advise as needed.
● Filled out the application/questionnaire for UNH – sponsored NH Coastal Landowner Technical Assistance Program. Requested they visit this spring/summer

New business
● COVID-19
● No one knows what is going to happen so can’t make any decisions now. We are in a holding pattern.
● We do know the stay at home order is in place until early May and will most likely be extended.
● We are planning to open as usual, but know it won’t be a usual summer and may have a delayed opening or possibly no opening at all – it depends on what the state allows.
● Staff needs to be made aware we can’t give a start date, it’s going to be fluid
● Regardless if we open or not, we will keep the pool running.
● We will have more frequent meetings to monitor situation.

Old Business
● None

Motion to adjourn meeting Craig, second Meganne
Meeting adjourned at 9:05pm

Next EC Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday May 12, 2020 at 7:00 pm via Zoom
And a meeting is scheduled for Tuesday April 28 to discuss COVID-19

Minutes respectfully submitted by Amy Tremblay, Secretary