Beach Club 2450 Ocean Boulevard Rye Beach, NH 03871-0292
June 12, 2019

Dear Member:

The Beach Club Swim Committee is excited to start another year of water programming. We are pleased to announce that Nicole Ciancarelli will be returning this summer has Aquatics Director. Sue is unable to rejoin this summer due to an illness in her family. The pool staff includes many familiar faces. We are happy to have Abby Montgomery, Charles Blake, Kimmy Hazeltine, Luke Bradley, Molly Flagg, and Emma Whall back on the deck in 2019. We welcome Emma Bradley, Isabelle Stewart, Owen Richardson, and Georgie Sununu as new lifeguards.

We will continue to offer Water Aerobics, Early Bird Swim, Badge Programs, Swim Lessons, and Swim Team, in addition to promoting water safety programs for all. Private Lessons are available and can be scheduled at the front desk. Please note that the lap lane is open for membership use at all times except during swim team practice. If you have a question about lap lane use, please speak to the one of the lifeguards or the manager on duty. More information on our programming is available at the front desk of the Beach Club and on our website.

In accordance with SAL League rules, swim team participation is open to all club members who are 18 or under during the summer swim season. Swim team members must be able to swim one length independently, be comfortable in deep water, and be willing to learn basic headfirst entries. Swim Team will continue to practice five days a week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday practices will run from 9-10:30 AM for Juniors and Seniors and 9-10 AM for Age Group swimmers. The swimmer groups are decided based upon both age and ability. Tuesday and Thursday practices will focus on swimming fundamentals (strokes, turns and start drills) and run from 9-10 AM for all age groups.

The Junior team continues to work well and we will offer it in the 2019 season. The Junior Team membership is available to swimmers who would like to participate in the swim team but still need more focused swim instruction. Junior Team practices take will take place during swim lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 to 11:30. Please refer to the attached description of our Junior Team membership requirements.

Additionally, we will continue to offer the Senior Team for those members who are rising juniors or seniors. Many of these members have summer jobs or other responsibilities and are unable to attend daily practice but would still like to be part of the team. Senior Team members are welcome to attend swim practice when their schedule allows. If a Senior Team member is at the beach club during normal practice time, it is expected that they participate. In addition, they are encouraged and welcome to participate in all swim team meets. Please note that according to SAL rules, any swimmer who swims at the championship meet must have swum in at least one regular season meet.

The first day of practice will be on Monday, June 17th. Please note that all completed forms, signed waivers and payment must be received before swimmers can participate. Please have all swim team paperwork submitted by Monday, June 17th. No child will be able to participate until these requirements are met.

We are still finalizing pricing for swim suits and will provide the order form as soon as that is available. There will be a sizing kit available for swimmers to determine the correct fit of swimsuits at the club. Please see the reception window to try on suits.

The Committee also wants to remind members that it is the policy of the Beach Club that any child under the age of twelve must be accompanied on the deck by a parent or designated adult at all time, this includes swim team practice.

We look forward to a wonderful summer in the pool. We hope to see many members participating in our water programs and invite you all to cheer on our Beach Club Swim Team to many victories and another SAL Championship!


Beach Club Swim Committee

Links to the necessary documents are below:

2019 Swim Team Event Calendar

Registration form

Team Description

Waiver form