Beach Club Inc.

Executive Committee of Board of Directors

Rye Public Library

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Present:  Garry Layman, President, Rob MacLeod, Treasurer, Sara Casassa, Secretary, Alan Lewis, Jon Mackin, Tiffany McCann, Jeff Ristau, Manager

Remotely: Gail Sudduth, Vice President, and Diana Burnell

Absent: Meganne Fabrega and Erik Browning

The meeting was called to order: 7:02 pm.

Secretary’s Report– February’s Minutes were unanimously and will be posted on the website.

Treasurer Report- Rob MacLeod, Treasurer

Rob MacLeod presented the Financial Report to the board. The 2019 Operating Budget has been set.  The main capital expenditure for this year will be the pool-resurfacing project. Rob is exploring the use of QuickBooks online.  He will review accounting and reporting features and determine whether the online version can meet the club’s needs. Garry updated the board on the status of the current loan. It has been decided not to move forward with obtaining the proposed line of credit from Optima Bank at this time. The annual dues will increase this year as approved at the Executive Committee meeting in October 2018. The Financial Report was accepted unanimously.

Manager’s Report– Jeff Ristau, Manager

Jeff presented the Manager’s Report and answered questions from the board.  He reported on the status of staffing for the summer of 2019. He has a possible kitchen manager.  Sue McNamara is interested in returning next season. The EC discussed pay scale of management verses other employees. Jeff shared the proposed bathroom design.  Garry formed a building committee consisting of Gail Sudduth, Alan Lewis and Diana Burnell to help create a plan and design for bathroom renovation. The goal is to present an estimate and preliminary design to membership at the annual meeting in June. Jeff also updated the board on facility improvements. The board discussed the ordering and care of geraniums and Diana will research the topic for the next meeting.

Membership Report– Meganne Fabrega, Membership Chair

As of 3/12/19, there are 284 membership units (102 singles, 93 spousal and 89 family) totaling 641 members. Two potential legacy memebers’ birthdays are coming up in March but have not contacted the club regarding their intentions.

Swim Report- Erik Browning, Swim Chair

No report

Social Report-Tiffany McCann, Social Chair

Tiffany presented a draft of the 2019 social calendar to the EC. Tiffany is interested in adding a lecture to the calendar.  There will be a Labor Day event.

Facilities Report– Jon Makin, Facilities Chair

Jon updated the board on facility related issues.  Jon had researched and priced several options in regards to offering WiFi to the memebrship. After a lengthy discussion of the positive and negative aspects of offering Wi-Fi, the committee decided to continue with the present practice and not add additional wifi services at this time. Jon plans to write a request to the Rye Beach Commision expressing the Beach Club’s desire to place a “back-up” mirror on Route 1 and Sea Road to improve visibility for drivers.

Other – Parking Tags-

The club discussed the prototype Gail had provided of the parking pass.  The feedback on design was positive. There was some discussion regarding management of the tags and monitoring use in the parking lot. The general opinion was that it would be easier to determine membership use of the parking lot with the new numbered hanging tags.

President’s Letter-

Garry shared his draft of the President’s Letter.  The board offered feedback. It will be sent out this week.


Meeting Adjourned at 8:45 pm.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at 7:00 pm at Rye Public Library.


Minutes respectfully submitted by: Sara Casassa, Secretary