March 24, 2022

2022 Significant Other/Non-Married Partner Guest Privilege

The Significant Other (‘SO’) Guest Privilege is a specific designation of club guest that allows access rights distinct from a normal guest. A member’s significant other granted an SO Guest Privilege is allowed to accompany them at the club without the defined visit limits of a normal guest.

Any single member unitholder or any single head-of-house family member unitholder may apply for ONE significant other/non-married partner guest privilege per season. An ANNUAL application is REQUIRED every year, even if the Significant Other Guest (‘SO Guest’) remains the same. A completed application must be received on or before April 30 annually for the Executive Committee to consider the application. The application MUST include a check from the membership unitholder for the current year’s SO Guest fee ($300).

The recipient of a SO Guest Privilege in a given season is a guest of the club at all times. They are not a member and do not have the rights of a member. The member unit holder MUST BE with the SO Guest at all times when the guest is on the premises of the club. The SO Guest is welcome to attend member-only events with their SO member. The SO Guest does NOT have ANY membership privileges, including but not limited to:

  • Charging/purchasing chits and other club store merchandise;
  • Having guests without the member unit holder present;
  • Making reservations for club events north deck tables, sea deck tables, or lobsters;
  • Receive a parking sticker/parking tag.

A significant other/non-married partner guest privilege, if approved, is valid for only ONE season and may be revoked at any time during the season by the Executive Committee. If a SO Guest privilege is revoked the SO Guest privilege fee is NOT refundable in whole or on a prorated basis.

The application must be completed in full, submitted with all the required documents and signed by both the unit holder and the SO Guest. It must be postmarked by April 30, and include a check for the current SO Guest privilege fee from the membership unitholder to be valid. The application fee is set at $300 for the 2019 season. This is non-refundable if the application is approved.

The Executive Committee will notify the membership unitholder if the application has been approved on or before June 1. The Executive Committee will post a list on the club premises of all SO Guest approvals with the names of the membership unit holder and the name of their SO guest approved for the season.


Application Criteria

The Executive Committee has defined the following criteria for application. Applicants must meet mandatory requirements for both Member and SO Guest applicants:

  • They must be in a committed relationship, and are each other’s sole domestic partner;
  • They must maintain a common residence and share each other’s financial obligations;
  • They must not be married or joined in a civil union to anyone else;
  • They must not be blood relatives;
  • They must be at least 27 years of age.

Applicants are required to provide two of the following proof of significant offer partnership for application approval:

  • A lease or rental agreement with both parties’ signatures;
  • 2 current bills from each party that show a shared address;
  • Proof of joint bank account;
  • Signed Domestic Partnership affidavit;
  • Registration as domestic partners if there is a local domestic partner registry in the state of residency.

In any given year, the awarding of SO Guest privileges is at the Executive Committee’s discretion and the Committee reserves the right to limit the number of privileges awarded.

To apply for the SO Guest Privilege, complete the form (link below), include your two proofs, $300 check, and send to the address below.

2022 Significant Other_Non-Married Partner Guest Privilege

Beach Club, Inc.

Attn: Executive Committee

PO Box 292

Rye Beach, NH 03871