Beach Club Inc.

Executive Committee of Board of Directors

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Present:  Garry Layman, President, Gail Sudduth , Vice President, Rob MacLeod, Treasurer, Sara Casassa, Secretary, Diana Burnell, Jon Mackin, Tiffany McCann, Meganne Fabrega, Jeff Ristau, Manager

Remotely: Alan Lewis and Erik Browning


The meeting was called to order: 7:02 pm.


Secretary’s Report– September Minutes were unanimously accepted and will be posted on the website.


Treasurer Report- Rob MacLeod, Treasurer

Rob MacLeod presented the Financial Report to the board. Rob reported that the Long Term Planning Committee has recommended a dues increase which was subsequently approved by the board.  Rob explained that there has not been an increase in dues for at least five years. Family memberships will increase by $250, Spousal by $210 and single by $170. The increase will improve the quality of member experience. The LRPC report will be available on the website.  Rob reported that the insurance costs will remain the same next year—liability insurance decreased and flood insurance increased. Rob will be reconciling the storm insurance bills next month with Kathy for accounting purposes. The current balance on our Optima Loan is $193,000. Rob will be meeting with Bill Young from Optima to discuss the possibility of a line of credit. The line of credit will not cost anything and give the club financial flexibility in case of unexpected expenses/facility needs.  Garry recommended that we obtain the line of credit. The board discussed the late fee and ways that billing dates might be adjusted to provide more time between the receipt of the bill and date of payment due. The board felt online paying might alleviate some of these problems. The Financial Report was accepted unanimously.


Manager’s Report– Jeff Ristau, Manager

Jeff presented the Manager’s Report and answered questions from the board.  The board discussed the closing cocktail party. The issue of the use of the deck during a club event was discussed.  According to club rules, the deck cannot be used by membership during opening and closing parties. Garry will address this with the member. Jeff updated the board on facility concerns related to the pool heater, the shutters, and needed painting.  Jeff has been working on closing the club around the two private functions that are being held at the end of the season.


Membership Report– Meganne Fabrega, Membership Chair

As of today, there are 282 membership units (97 singles, 91 spousal and 94 family) totaling 644 members. All of the eleven 2018 legacies have accepted memberships. Meganne is currently working on revising the membership application.


Swim Report– Erik Browning, Swim Chair

Erik presented the Swim Report. The team had 37 regular members, 4 junior members and 7 senior members.  Erik hopes to get a commitment from Sue McNamara that she will return to coach in 2019.


Social Report-Tiffany McCann, Social Chair

Tiffany presented several new ideas to the board that the Social Committee would like to try next season.  She would also like to add more acoustic nights to the calendar. She is working with Jeff on setting the dates for the 2019 calendar and considering making the Opening Cocktail Party later in June next year.


Facilities Report– Jon Makin, Facilities Chair

Jon updated the board on facility concerns. He will have budget information related to facility needs for the November meeting. The next anticipated facility project is the bathrooms.  Jon will look for possible contractors to start discussing the scope of the job. The board discussed the new website and the annual maintenance cost. Jon is working on the 2018 Membership survey and will send it to board members for their review and input via email within the next couple weeks.



Proposed Guest Policy- presented by Dianna Burnell

Dianna presented Allan and her work on a new guest policy for significant others.  To begin their work they looked at ways that significant others were defined in other areas and presented their findings.  The board discussed how a “significant other” should be defined. The pricing for this guest privilege was also discussed. After a long discussion, it was decided that the club would try out this category next season and the details will continue to be ironed out.


Meeting Adjourned at 9:29 pm. There was no Executive Session.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 at 7:00 pm at Rye Public Library.  There will be no December meeting.


Minutes respectfully submitted by: Sara Casassa, Secretary