Beach Club Inc.
Executive Committee of Board of Directors
Monday, August 13, 2018

Present: Garry Layman, President, , Rob MacLeod, Treasurer, Sara Casassa, Secretary, Tiffany McCann, Meganne Fabrega, Jeff Ristau, Manager, and Alan Lewis (remote 7:35pm)

Absent: Diana Burnell, Erik Browning, Jon Mackin, and Gail Sudduth

The meeting was called to order: 7:04 pm.

Secretary’s Report– July Minutes were unanimously accepted and will be posted on the website.

Treasurer Report– Rob MacLeod, Treasurer

Rob MacLeod presented the Financial Report to the board. He discussed the recommendation from Optima that as the debt is paid down, the Beach Club consider opening a line of credit to provide the club with more financial flexibility. Rob will look into this and assess whether it will result in any additional costs to the club. Rob presented the EC with a memorandum from the Long Range Planning Committee. The committee will consist of five members: Anne Hodsdon, Julie Veale, Alan Lewis, Jon Makin and Rob MacLeod. The committee will examine the fee structure and the expanded guest membership category. The LRPC will provide the Executive Committee with regular updates. The Financial Report was accepted unanimously.

Manager’s Report– Jeff Ristau, Manager

Jeff presented the Manager’s Report and answered questions from the board. He presented a list of the staff members’ last day of work and explained how the club would be staffed at the end of the season. Pool coverage will be assessed closer to the end of the season and pool hours adjusted if necessary due to lack of guard coverage. The pool will close for the season on September 9th. Jeff will address heater issue once the pool is shut down for the season. The board discussed the general maintenance needs for the pool and recommended that Jeff address all of those when the pool work is done during the off-season. Jeff will ask Gunite to return and do an assessment of the diving board and other areas to determine other needed repairs. Three of the new umbrellas have cracked in the same place. Jeff is working with the company to get replacements under the warranty. Jeff reported that he received positive feedback regarding Family Night. Staff Appreciation was a lot of fun for the staff. A recommendation for next year was that Board members be encouraged to assist more with this event. The board discussed budgeting for gear for all coaches so that they all have Beach Club gear at meets. Jeff updated board on upcoming events. It was recommended that board discuss reviewing use of club so member events might be held in September and consider an increase in the club rental fee.

Membership Report– Meganne Fabrega, Membership Chair

As of today, there are 283 membership units (99 singles, 99 spousal and 94 family). The membership declined by 2 in July with one death and one legacy declining membership. Meganne discussed sending an email to members reminding them to notify the Beach Club about any change in their membership. The board discussed updating the application and making it available online.

Swim Report

The Beach Club won the league championship again this year! Jeff is very pleased with Sue McNamara, the new swim coach. The swimmers were very excited about swim team this summer, which was in large part due to her coaching.

Social Report-Tiffany McCann, Social Chair

There were approximately twenty people at Beach Club Reads. The author, Meg Moore, enjoyed the event and the participants. The annual Family Night event had approximately one hundred and sixty people in attendance. Caribbean Night was a success. There were close to one hundred participants. Tiffany extended her thanks to Jeff and Nicole for all their help with the event. The one suggestion was to spread out the events more evenly over the summer. There was a discussion about the timing of the events for the 2019 season. It was decided to include a question in the survey to determine member preferences.

Facilities Report– presented by Jeff Ristau

Jeff updated the board on facility concerns. The EC observed that the survey results have identified the bathrooms as an area needing improvement. Jeff will look into cost of renovating the bathrooms during the off-season. The board discussed having an engineer assess condition of the sea wall as well due to the severe weather the club has experienced during the off-season. The committee also discussed the web site and usage. Despite initial log in problems, it has been well received. The board hopes to get an online bill paying option at some point as well.


Paddleboard and surfboard storage continue to be a problem. The EC discussed possible solutions and the whether there needs to be a rule change regarding this issue.
Parking-members have been respecting the one car per membership unit rule. The EC discussed different ways to handle monitoring parking and distributing parking passes/stickers. The idea of having a staff member oversee the parking lot on busy days was also discussed.
At the time of the meeting, the Department of Labor had not visited the club.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:05 pm. There was no Executive Session.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 11th at 7:00 pm at Beach Club.

Minutes respectfully submitted by: Sara Casassa, Secretary