Beach Club Inc.
Executive Committee of Board of Directors
Monday, April 23, 2018

Present: Garry Layman, President, Gail Sudduth, Vice President, Sara Cassassa, Secretary, Rob MacLeod, Treasurer, Tim Bottomley, Anne Hodsdon, Jon Mackin, Jeff Ristau, Manager, Meganne Fabrega, Erik Browning (via conference call)

Absent: Tiffany McCann

The meeting was called to order: 6:32 pm

Secretary’s Report- March Minutes were unanimously accepted and will be posted on the website.

Treasurer Report– presented by Rob MacLeod

Rob reviewed the 2018-=2019 budget which is very similar to last year’s. 20,000 has been added to Building maintenance/Repair to cover some of the cost accrued due to the storms in 2018. The EC would like to continue to pay down our debt in 2018-2019 season. The Financial Report was accepted unanimously.

Manager’s Report– Jeff Ristau, Manager

Jeff reviewed the highlights of his report with the board. The new ice machine has been installed. Repairs to the club house due to the winter storms are in progress. Jeff has filed a report with the Department of Environmental Services so he can use equipment on the beach to move rocks by Sea Deck if needed. Pool repairs and long-range improvements were discussed. It was recommended that the Executive Committee present a Long Range Plan to the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting in June so the more significant repairs can be addressed in the 2019 off-season. Jeff continues to fill staffing positions. He has many returning employees, but is still looking for a Swim Manager/Head Coach.

Social Report– Meganne Fabrega, Social Chair

Meganne shared several new events planned for the season. One new event discussed was “Beach Club Reads” which would include an author’s signing and a shared reading experience. The Social Calendar was approved as amended. The Annual Meeting id scheduled for Sunday, June 24, 2018.

Facilities Report– Jon Mackin, Facility Chair

Jon shared the “live” website and its features with the EC. Features that were highlighted were online reservation features, the ability to access and pay bills online. The membership will receive an email with instructions to set up an account before the start of the season. Features will be evaluated and adjusted as needed through the summer season.

Swim Report– Erick Browning, Swim Chair

The club is still looking for a swim coach. Erick and Jeff discussed having a Parent meeting in June to discuss Swim Team expectations. Nicole will attend the League Meeting in May. Jeff and Nicole will share the letter and forms that were used last year with Erick.

Membership Report– Tim Bottomley, Membership Chair

Tim presented the Membership Report to the board.

Old Business

Long Range Planning Committee- The EC reviewed the LRPC recommendation and had a lengthy discussion of the three draft proposals. The board worked to identify the areas that might be addressed this season. The EC will review the three proposals and vote on them at the May meeting.

New Business

The EC reviewed the policy changes suggested by Gail and made recommendations on the language and wording of several policies. The EC voted to approve the changes.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:00 pm

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 8the at 6:30 pm at the Rye Public Library.

Minutes respectfully submitted by: Sara Casassa, Secretary