The Executive Committee is pleased to announce the launch of our new membership website!

The new Beach Club website was made possible with the help of Facilities Chair Jon Mackin and Stout Heart. Jon took guidance from the Executive Committee about what main features the membership would want on a new, modern website. After discussions, the EC and Stout Heart came to terms on this brand-new website that allows members to get more out our website. Not only is the site visually pleasing and mobile friendly, we have built in many features to improve the experience of the membership.

Now, members can do all of the following from their laptops or mobile phones:

  1. Pay bills
  2. Make reservations for the Sea Deck and Lobsters (coming soon!)
  3. View current club conditions
    1. Beach Cam
    2. Parking Lot Cam
  4. Contact the office with ease using our new contact form
  5. View the snack bar menu
  6. View and sign up for Events
  7. Read the latest Beach Club news and announcements
  8. View EC minutes and special committee reports
  9. Manage your personal information and update contact information

We hope that this new site will help improve the experience of the membership and allow us to leverage more technology in the future. We will post club announcements and events to the site as they happen. We hope you love it as much as the EC does.

If you would like to see changes made or have any suggestions for further improvements for 2019, please use the contact us form and let us know your thoughts.