Beach Club Inc

Executive Committee of Board of Directors

Monday, March 19, 2018

Present:  Garry Layman, President, Rob MacLeod, Treasurer, Tim Bottomley, Anne Hodsdon, Jon Mackin, Jeff Ristau, Manager, Meganne Fabrega, Bill Hickey (through the presentation of the Membership Survey findings and recommendations only)

Absent: Erik Browning, Gail Sudduth, Vice President, Sara Cassassa, Secretary, Tiffany McCann

The meeting was called to order: 6:37 pm

  1. Secretary’s Report– February Minutes were unanimously accepted and will be posted on the website.
  2. Long-Range Membership Committee report – Anne Hodsdon, chair and Bill Hickey, committee member

Anne and Bill presented the results of the membership survey, which they felt garnered a strong enough response to base long-term membership recommendations upon. The recommendations were presented to the EC and discussed. It was agreed that the implementation of some, or possibly all, of the recommendations, could be implemented in 2018, but that a presentation to the entire Board of Directors would be in order first.

The EC thanked Anne and the committee for the long hours of hard work and member communication that was required for the task. The report was accepted and will be further discussed at the April E.C. meeting.

  • Treasurer Report- presented by Rob MacLeod

The compilation was turned in and the 2017 tax return was successfully completed. The 2018 season budget is close to finalization as storm damage repairs are still being taken into consideration. The budget will be presented for approval at the April meeting. A move to change the financial rule as revised was accepted. The Financial Report was accepted unanimously.

  1. Manager’s Report– Jeff Ristau, Manager

Much of the Manager’s Report focused on the recent storm damage, which was substantial. Jeff was negotiating pricing with multiple vendors regarding repairs and maintenance for the upcoming season. The insurance review was to be possibly revised and Rob and Garry would join Jeff in speaking to the insurance adjusters regarding the unique needs of the club. Jeff has reached out to past employees and started searching for new employees for the coming season.

  1. Social Report– Meganne Fabrega, Social Chair

Meganne presented the EC with a proposed social calendar for the upcoming season, which had been prepared with the help of member Kelly Parrott and incoming board member and co-chair for the social committee, Tiffany McCann. Feedback from the membership survey was taken into consideration, and some new events were added on to the traditional favorites.

  1. Facilities Report– Jon Mackin, Facility Chair

Jon updated the EC on the progress of the new website and the online payment options that were being explored. Cameras for the parking lot have been ordered. The website is expected to be up and running by the time the season starts.

  • Membership Report– Tim Bottomley, Membership Chair

Tim presented the Membership Report to the board.

  • New Business-

No new business

  1. Old Business

No old business.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:04 pm

The next meeting will be held on Monday, April 23 at 6:30 pm at the Rye Public Library.

Minutes respectfully submitted by: Meganne Fabrega in the absence of Sara Casassa, Secretary