Beach Club Inc.
Executive Committee of Board of Directors
Rye Public Library
Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Present: Garry Layman, President, Gail Sudduth, Vice President, Erik Browning, Alan Lewis, Jon Mackin, Tiffany McCann, Jeff Ristau, Manager

Remotely: Diana Burnell

Absent: Sara Casassa, Meganne Fabrega, Rob MacLeod

The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm

I. Secretary’s Report: March meeting minutes were approved and posted to website.

II. Treasurer Report: Rob MacLeod, Treasurer
Rob MacLeod was not in attendance at the meeting, however we reviewed his report and agreed we are in good shape. There was not a lot of news. More members are paying online which is causing us to incur credit card transaction charges. This is something we will need to watch.

III. Manager’s Report: Jeff Ristau, Manager
Jeff presented the Manager’s Report and answered questions from the board. He reported on the status of staffing for the summer of 2019. The pool work is ongoing and the work started on time. South Shore Gunite is indicating all work will be done on time. Jeff met with Wendy from ArtForm about the bathrooms. They are looking to see what can be done above the ceiling. Alan is involved and meeting with ArtForm too. Spring inspections are under way and flower box work is underway. We are hiring Valerie Foster of Black Label Gardens to do all of the geraniums and we are using the “Calliope” geraniums as suggested by Diana. New low beach chairs have been ordered as well as more lounge chairs. The new grills are in and will be hooked up to propane. The new grills are black & stainless, so we will be able to paint them each year. Jeff has placed an ad for an Assistant Manager and is reviewing applications. Sue McNamara may not be returning; discussed options around that. We are hiring a young girl who is a senior at Exeter with Down’s Syndrome to work at the club part time. She will be accompanied by her caregiver from Easterseals.

IV. Membership Report:Meganne Fabrega, Membership Chair
As of 4/9/19, there are 283 membership units (100 single, 90 spousal, 92 family) totaling 642 members.

V. Swim Report: Erik Browning
Erik spoke about water safety tests from the Y that we are considering implementing. It would require kids (guests) to wear different colored bands depending upon their swim ability. The bands would be similar to what are worn at water parks and would be disposable. The bands would also help the guards keep track of kids who are guests. The focus would be on kids under age 14.

VI. Facilities Report: Jon Mackin, Facilities Chair
Jon updated the board on facility related issues. We discussed the need for a new dishwasher as the current dishwasher does not work. We are budgeted for a dishwasher; Jeff looking into renting one for the season. We are considering compostable materials for the snackbar, specifically utensils, and may buy metal straws to sell in the store for members to buy. Jon has purchased spot lights for north & south deck and a new shower head for the beach ramp shower. Jon is still working on the Fish Eye lens and has direction of what he needs to do to request approval from the town.

VII: Social Report: Tiffany McCann, Social Chair
Tiffany updated the committee on social events and confirmed the 2019 calendar is final for all major events.

VIII: Other:

Parking Tags:
We discussed the parking tag options again and confirmed we will go with the large tags. Each membership will be issued one tag.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:55pm
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at the Club

Minutes respectfully submitted by: Tiffany McCann due to the meeting absence of Sara Casassa, Secretary