March 12, 2019


Dear Members,

We are just a few months away from  our 94TH OPENING DAY at Beach Club (weather of course permitting). The Executive Committee would like to make this summer the best ever for all members, and has spent a great deal of time reviewing our existing plans, programs and the results of the Satisfaction Survey to achive this goal.

Our “State of the Club”  message going forward is as follows:


We are very pleased to have Mr. Jeff Ristau back as our manager for the coming season, as well as Nicole Ciancarelli, and Ellen Morrissey.  Kathy Johnson will continue as our valuable bookkeeper, and Kevin LeSage and his wife will live at the club again and resume the role of night manager. Jeff is searching for a full time assistant manager, and  he is assembling a competent team for all life guard, deck hand and snack bar positions. Sue McNamara will return as the coach for our Championship Swim Team, and Julia Peterson will return for another season of water aerobics.


At this time last year our outstanding loan balance with Optima Bank was $390,000.   Today, as a result of prudent financial management, it is down to under $90,000. This obviously results in a significant savings in interest charges,  and efforts are underway to establish a practical credit line for the future. We are also upgrading our accounting systems, and remember, you may use a credit card to pay your bills.


This season we will introduce a new alternate guest privilege to addresse a desire expressed by some members over the last several years.  Currently we have 279 membership units, which, when broken down by category, are 99 Single, 89 Spousal, and 91 family. Please be assured that this new guest option will not change either the total number of our membership units, nor will it  affect any individuals current position on our waiting list. We are offering this on a trial basis and will review it again after the 2019 season to see if it merits continuation. The following is a summary of this new option and regulations that will govern it:

Significant Other/Non-married Partner Guest Privilege (2019)

The Significant Other (‘SO’) Guest Privilege is a specific designation of a club guest that allows access rights distinct from a normal guest. A member’s significant other granted an SO Guest Privilege will be  allowed to accompany them at the club without the defined visit limits of a normal guest.

Any single member unit holder or any single head-of-house family member unit holder may apply for ONE significant other/non-married partner guest privilege per season. An ANNUAL application is REQUIRED every year, even if the Significant Other Guest (‘SO Guest’) remains the same.

Application Criteria

Mandatory requirements for both Member and SO Guest applicants:

  • They must be in a committed relationship, and be each others sole domestic partner
  • They must maintain a common residence and share each others financial obligations,
  • They must not be married or joined in a civil union to anyone else,
  • They must not be blood relatives
  • They must be at least 27 years of age .

The recipient of a SO Guest Privilege in a given season is a guest of the club at all times. They are not a member, and do not have the rights of a member. The member unit holder MUST BE with the SO Guest at all times when the SO guest is on the premises of the club. The SO Guest is welcome to attend member-only events with the member unit holder. The SO Guest does NOT have ANY membership privileges, including but not limited to: Parking lot hang tags, charging/purchasing chits and other club store merchandise, having guests without the member unit holder present, making reservations for club events, or for north deck tables, or for lobsters, or for sea deck tables.

A significant other/non-married partner guest privilege, if approved, is valid for only ONE season and may be revoked at any time during the season by the Executive Committee. If a SO Guest privilege is revoked the SO Guest privilege fee is NOT refundable in whole or in part on a prorated basis.

The application must be completed in full, submitted with all the required documents, Include a check for the current SO Guest privilege fee ($300) and  be signed by both the unit holder and the SO Guest. It must be mailed to Beach Club,  2450 Ocean Boulevard, Rye Beach, NH 03871-0292 and be postmarked by April 30.

At least two of the following documents are  required to accompany an application:

  • A Lease or rental agreement with both parties’ signatures
  • Two current bills from each party that show a shared address
  • Proof of a joint bank account
  • A signed Domestic Partnership affidavit
  • Registration as domestic partners if there is a local domestic partner registry

The Executive Committee will notify the membership unit holder if the application has been approved on or before June 1 and the Executive Committee will post a list at the club of all SO Guest approvals including the name of the membership unit holder and the name of their SO guest approved for the season.  In any given year, the awarding of SO Guest privileges is at the Executive Committee’s discretion and the Executive Committee reserves the right to limit the number of Significant Other/Non-married Partner Guest Privileges  awarded. (2019).


We have a number of exciting and entertaining social events scheduled for the coming summer including bonfires, book readings and  dances. With perfect weather, the calendar looks like this:


  • May 25 Saturday Club Opens
  • June 3 Monday Early Morning Swim Starts
  • June 15 Saturday Opening Cocktail Party
  • June 16 Sunday Bonfire (Low Tide 5:45pm)
  • June 23 Sunday Annual Meeting
  • June 24 Monday Swim Team Starts
  • July 3 Wednesday Fourth of July Party
  • July 18 Thursday Teen Night (low tide 8pm)
  • July 23 Tuesday Beach Club Reads
  • August 3 Saturday Family Night (low Tide 6:30pm)
  • August 10 Saturday Swim Team Champs (tentative)
  • August 13 Tuesday Swim Team Banquet
  • August 15 Thursday Bonfire (low tide 6:30pm)
  • August 17 Saturday Water Carnival
  • August 18 Sunday Sand Sculpture Competition
  • August 31 Saturday Adults only Labor Day Event
  • September 1 Sunday Acoustic night & Bonfire
  • September 14 Saturday Closing Cocktail Party
  • September 15 Sunday Pool Closing
  • September 29 Sunday Club closing

Tentative Accoustic nights

  • Sunday, June 23
  • Sunday, July  7
  • Sunday July  14
  • Sunday, August 4
  • Sunday, August 18
  • Sunday, September 1


Our biggest capital improvement project this year will be the resurfacing of the entire pool.  This is a major undertaking, and it will be highly weather dependent for everything to get done on time.  We have also hired a professional cleaning company to improve the appearance and cleanliness of our facilities on a more frequent basis.

In addition we have the following capital items identified for attention and updating during the 2019 summer:

  • Replace furniture, lounge chairs, umbrellas and flower boxes as needed
  • Replace grill set up with safer and more responsive equipment
  • Upgrade beach access ramp
  • Replace dishwasher and outdated computer equipment
  • Refurbish diving board
  • Upgrade website utility and possible wifi access for all



Parking continues to be a major challenge for the club.  We are fortunate to once again have the St Theresa Church  allow us to use its parking lot during non-church scheduled activities.  In an attempt to better control our own lot, each member unit will be given a special Beach Club hang tag to put on their rearview mirror to help us identify interlopers.

Finally,  The private 100 Club in Portsmouth has invited all interested Beach Club member to try eating lunch or dinner at their restaurant  during the month of March. Please identify yourself as a Beach Club Member when calling for a reservation 603-766-4100.

N.B. Be sure to notify the membership chairman of any changes to your membership category or to your home and or e-mail address.  Finally, remember that the annual dues statements will be sent out by the end of March, and must be paid by April 30th to avoid late fees.


Best Regards,

For the Executive Committee

Garry Layman